Hi there.

Thanks for your interest in getting to know more about me!

My name is Yi and I am a passionate wedding photographer that serves the greater MA & NH areas.

Currently residing in MA, I am a proud father of three.

When I'm not sipping on a latte that my lovely wife makes me in the morning, you can usually find me hanging out with my 3 favorite kids in the world, or in the garage working on cars or always fixing something on my "honey-to-do" list. 

From capturing the sheer grandness of Mt. Washington to the movements of a tiny house ant, I have been able to show other how I see the world through the lenses of my camera. However, nothing has brought me more joy in the past decade than capturing the silent beauty of human connection. 

The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words; to me, there is almost an unspoken beauty in a photograph, something that you just cannot quantify with all the words in a dictionary. The moment your lips curl when you hear a joke, the second your heart lifts when your person gets down on one knee, the moment your eye twinkles when you see the love of your life walk down that aisle - every tears, every smile, every twinkle has its own story to tell.

Over the years, being a wedding photographer has given me the privilege to capture some of the most priceless moments two people can share as they embark on a new adventure as partners in life. I treasure the unique opportunity to share these breathtaking moments and honor my clients by framing these precious memories in time. Ensuring that our journey together will be as fun and effortless as possible is my ultimate gift to you and your loved ones. Know that the story told behind my lenses will be yours and yours alone - you deserve it.

As a creative photojournalist, all shoots captured would be at their most natural and relaxed state - I believe the most precious moments isn't always after the count of three. It is my promise to you that although present on your special day, my presence would rarely be felt. It is my ultimate goal, as your photographer, is to preserve your most priceless memories between you and your loved ones without intrusion.

I look forward to providing my services and sharing these magical and unforgettable moments with you, your partner and your loved ones.

let’s connect and talk soon!

Best Yi,